Mahabubul Islam Fahad

Unnamed Poem 1 (

life is ruthless, loveless so
heartless, hopeless we do know
peril, distress daily come
pain is always doing hum
life is nothing but a game
To do deceit is no shame!
Dreamless, aimless we are too
attacked by the deadly flu
hurting others never think
Yet we are a human being.

Unnamed Poem 2 (

I expect no more rose
because the door is closed
It doesn’t beautifully smell
It’s like the torments of hell.
The tale is not long
Why the smell has gone.
Once It gave me pleasure
Every moment I thought it’s my treasure
When I got up in the morning
Went to see the rose singing
The birds also sang with me
It’s your treasure, It’s your fee,
My heart danced with birds ‘ song
Taking smell you didn’t wrong.

Unnamed Poem 3 (

The sky is decorated with a lot of stars. The cosmos is so extended that beyond our thoughts. The sun is very beautiful, the moon is tremendous. I feel you, my lord. When I think about you I get serenity in my heart. When I look at your creations, I become very surprised. How dignified you are! 
Oh Allah, show me the path of guidance so that I can go to paradise. Don’t include me among those who are deprived of your mercy. ya Allah, look at me. How repented I am now! Nobody knows about my sins except you and nobody can forgive me except you. I cry for my sins every day. Ya Allah, When I compare my sins with your mercies. I find my sins are like a molecule. please, forgive me.