For the past four decades, the world’s best scientists-researchers-doctors are relentlessly pursuing the discovery of healing of paralysis. Since the main cause of paralysis is the spinal cord (spinal cord) in the spine, how the spinal cord works, how it can be secured or the injured cord can be cured, it has been a cause for researchers’ headache for a long time.
But recently Dr. Sergio Canavero has discovered a breakthrough in the field of medical science. He plans to cut, repair, and add spinal cord to the magnetic observer. This will cost more than half a million dollars (about 130 crore taka in Bangladeshi money) in a surgery!

He has already succeeded in carrying out this surgery on the body of a dead body in China, now to see the survivors! Of course, his initiative is not well accepted by everyone.
According to many, his discovery will disrupt the discipline of nature, bring calamity. Because the people who are so fortunate enough, they can change their body.

Imagine, a man who has lived in the old age and has been living in another young age, has survived the age of the old age. Although there may be some story of fiction, according to Doctor Kennifer, something that is going to happen in the future is going to happen.