Nokia 6 Impressions Price Specifications Performance

Nokia 6 Sale phone Cell, before buying, find out the phone’s attributes: At the beginning of April, Nokia appeared with three new phones at one go. Three phones are capable of two middle-class and one Nokia’s flagship phone this year. Nokia is going to offer a number of phones soon this year. But the offer will be available for a very short time only on Nokia 6.

So keep eyes on the company’s official website. At the beginning of April, Nokia appeared on three new phones together. Both of these phones are worth the middle class and the other is Nokia’s flagship phone in the year. In this new series, there are new models of their popular phones, as well as the Uncork models.

The list includes Nokia Six, Nokia Seven Plus and Nokia Echo Cycore. However, the sale will be only on the new version of Nokia Six. The market value of this phone in India is now Rs. 16999.

Nokia has launched Nokia at the same price after the Redeemed 5 Pro, with the latest features, Nokia 6. The design or outlook of the Nokia 6 is certainly interesting than the Redmi Note Five Pro and the Honey Nine Lights.

The aluminum phone is made of black color and camera, volume and power button as well as fingerprint scanners, as well as design using copper color. Which makes the phone more stylish. If your budget is between 20,000 then the Nokia phone will be on the list.

Two RAM and storage options are available in the Nokia 6 phone. The phone has 3 GB of RAM, 32 GB of storage and 4 GB RAM phone has 64 GB storage. Both phones have Qualcomm’s powerful chipset Snapdragon 630. The 5.5-inch display phone with 18.9 aspect ratios has 1080p 1920 x 1080 pixel HD resolution.

For external storage slots, there is also a facility to add up to 256 GB of memory card. The Android 8.1 OS operating system, this phone will be available in a charge of 16 hours battery capable 3000 MH battery. The 16 and 8-megapixel camera combinations feature Nokia 6 . Also available on this phone are ‘Bothi’ features, which can be used together with two cameras.

But 18.9 aspect ratio, 5.5 inch display is not something new. At the same time, the same price will be available in this market with low price phones in the market. The Nokia 6 has a dual-rear camera, but it’s not a good thing. Reviews have been found in the market, many phones are able to take better pictures than many cameras.