Here are highlights of the new features:

A12 Bionic processor
IP68 rated
Updated 12Mp cameras
Adjustable depth of field in photos
512GB storage option

iPhone XS and XS Max availability:

The new phones, both XS and XS Max, began to ship to those who had pre-ordered their iPhone on 21 September.

Some people received their phone as expected on launch day, while others (in the US) have been disappointed to discover that their iPhone delivery has been pushed back from being delivered on Friday 21 September to Monday 24 September. It sees that UPS has pushed back some deliveries.

Pre-orders of the iPhone XS Mac sold out pretty quickly, so some Apple fans chose to queue up outside Apple Stores around the globe on Friday 21 September. The first Apple Store sales happened in Australia. There were the usual queues at Regent Street, Covent Garden and other Apple Stores in the UK, where the phone went on sale at 7am.

If you want to get your hands on a new iPhone but didn’t fancy queueing and missed the pre-order, you may still be able to pre-order on Apple’s website (although some models now have a delivery date three weeks away), or you could try your luck at one of the networks and resellers listed below. Also check out our article rounding up the best iPhone XS deals.