There are a lot of apps available that will help you to increase your brain’s power in this topic we will discuss four high rated brain training apps that really work. There are given below 1.Elevate 2.Lumosity 3.Peak 4.Fit Brains Trainer.


Elevate is one of the most brain training apps that is designed to develop different types of skills. For instance speaking efficiencies, math efficiencies comprehension, listening skills, reading skills as well as learning skills this app features over 40 Games. It you love competition than the app helps you to compete with other people. Even you can compare your skills with other friends the research shows that elevate users tested 69% better than nonusers in case of writing, reading and learning. Elevate is free to download from the apps store and the google play store.

2. Lumosity:  

Another highly popular brain training app is Lumosity. The app is designed to sharpen mental ability in everyday life. It helps to increase our cognitive skills such as information. Processing, spatial orientation and working memory. The research shows that 90 million people worldwide use this app. It helps the users to improve their skills over the time like elevate it is also free to download from the apps store and the Google Play Store.

3. Peak:

Peak is another brain training app that is available. The app features over 40 Games that was designed by the experts. Peak focuses on different types if skills such as language, mental agility, memory problem solving etc. Peak gives the users an opportunity to compete with people you can puro has the app for full access. The cost for 1 month is $4.99 and for 1 year $34.99. Peak is also available in the play store and the Google Play Store.

4. Fit Brains Trainer:

Fit Brains Trainer is another familiar brain training app that is designed to cognitive and emotional intelligence. The app features over 35 Games. It increases spread of thinking, meditation etc. The most interesting as peat of this app is emotional intelligence. The users can puro has the app for full access. It also available in the app store and Google Play Store.