The child threw a toy; He threw it, he did not neglect, it was not. This means, how far away the toy is, how it falls, how it sounds – these things shake the baby. The game does not just mean racing, he can play with a toy, play with a doll, play at a leaf, play in the drama – all this is the game for a baby. Playing baby entertainment.

“Child education expert Farhana Mannan told DW Vale, the child’s explanation of entertainment,” The child’s proper entertainment helps in its full development. “

And there are many virtual games for children in this play zone. Driving, flying on the plane, fighting militants or traveling in the world of animals in Safari Park – all there is there. But all is virtual.

And then the parents are busy in the phone or on their own. By leaving the children in the playground, they became busy with their own entertainment. They do not care about where they are. And they do not think that the toys are suitable for their children’s age.

Such play-zones have now grown in Dhaka, Dhanmondi, Kalabagan, Gulshan and Baridhara. Nowhere in the playground, the conditions for entering the children fast food buying. And now you have to buy new coins with different money. Basundhara City, Jamuna Future Park and Saad-Musa City in Dhaka, but there is no way to disturb the guardians, because they can not find where else to take children without taking them there.

A guardian complains that some of the children have a lot of gambling gowns. If you can move to one step after one step, then discount. But there are no service providers there. They do not know any games for children of any age group. Their job is to encourage any age children to play any game without any consideration.

Farhana Mannan said, “Children are two aspects of entertainment. One. Mental development and two. Physical development So children’s entertainment places should be equally sure. The issues should be interactive. “He said,” As the child develops his intellectual skills through sports or entertainment, his socialism will increase through playing outside, body will be formed. “

A series called ‘Sultan Suleman’ from a television channel of Bangladesh is now quite interesting. This dubbing trend has all the scenes that can be useful only for adults. But the children of Bangladesh are the viewers of this series.

As a result, the children have become the serials. Asked, a family head of Kalabagan area of ​​Dhanmondi said, “We are both husband and wife busy all day, so children do not have time to entertain themselves. And when the time is available at night, I see the serial, the children also see. “

For the same reason many children of Dhaka can now learn Hindi before speaking Hindi. Child physician professor of cardiology Institute of Dhaka. Abdullah Shahriar said, “Many parents put children in front of TV sets in the name of entertainment.

And the child sees something that he or she can not interact with. As a result, the vacuum in the child works. The monitor’s monitor is nothing but Blank. “