At first sight, I fell in her love. She was so beautiful that you could not Imagine even. Looked like a pearl. She was my hidden treasure. I always waited for her beside her house to see her. After a few days, I felt that she was not interested in me. She didn’t pay heed to me. She neglected me but I was mad for her. It was not possible for me to forget her anyway. It seemed to me that I could not forget her tremendous face with two illusive eyes and an extraordinary laughter. I felt that I could not live without her existence.

I always looked at her beautiful face. Never found there less degree of love. She showed always her annoyance to me. When I looked at her face she covered her face with her two soft hands. She was so cruel to me that she felt disturbance at my appearance. On the other hand I could not think any girl besides she. She resided in my heart and I always wanted to put her in the prison of my mind. Gradually my eagerness to get her at close was increased. I had a problem that I never offered her, I never talked with her because I was afraid of missing her. I could not tolerate a single moment besides her.

One day I gathered all my courage’s to go to her and proposed my love for her. That day I prepared myself to propose her. I was waiting, waiting for her coming but didn’t find her that day. I was very shocked after it and I promised that I would never go to her. She was so arrogant, I would abominate her till my death. Few days later when I could know that she had been suffering from cancer, I became very happy listening that and I thought She deserved it.

That evening I found a letter from her friend. She wrote to me that she never wanted to agonize me. She knew that she would die anon. So she refused my love. She loved me more than her life. She always wanted to get me at close. The next day she left me, left her family and the illusion of the earth. I couldn’t stop my tears of eyes. They were dropping like the water dropping from the fountain.