Every books found in the bookstores of Bangladesh. Apart from this, soft copy of them is available on the Internet.

The Wind in the Willows
The history of Kenneth Graham’s immortal creation is the rural area of ‚Äč‚ÄčEngland. In this book the authors have made living animals living on the river. The book’s story progresses through their activities, adventures and humorous deeds.
Graham’s simple stylus and excellent story will pull everyone.

Lord of the Flies
This book, written by William Golding, is one of the most famous books in English literature. The story of the book is about some teenagers.
The laws of their own society, the story going forward with bad and good. The author’s description is very dramatic and colorful. It will seem like reading that you have left yourself on that island, living in the society!

The Old Man and the Sea
The original character of Ernest Hemingway’s long-standing creation is an old sailor. Very easy and straightforward posture, Writing Hemingway, which is very useful for new readers. To read, your mind will be lost in the ocean.

Animal firm
You read on the horse boxer and pig snowball to read, and you will suffer the hardships of Napoleon’s activities.

Tujadze with Mori
This book, written on his many humorous discussions with author Mitch Albamu’s university teacher, Mori Schwarz. Interesting stories have important lessons in this book.

The Giver
The main character of this book by Lais Laureiro is a teenager, who lives in a society where there is no name for freedom.

High Fidelity
If you like music, you will have to read this book by Nick Hornby. The book’s hero Rob, runs a gramophone record store. The story of the book goes on in discussions with many interesting stories and music.

Fantastic Mr. Fox
Rolld Dahal, one of the pioneer writers of English children’s writing. In this book, there is a description of the different trickery of a fox. The fun story is the favorite of the children as the best seller for many years.

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

Harry Potter series of JK Rowling has occupied a special place in literature. The first book of the Harry Potter series is Philsophars Stone, the story begins with eleven years of Harry.

How a neutralized child who sleeps in the stairs is looking for the world of magic, and how he progresses to new friends after the other – this is the story, which has been fulfilled in the six books of the series.
The language of the book is very straightforward, and the story is very nice.