Today we will discuss about three prominent actors of Bangladesh who were the stars of Bangladeshi films. The opened a new chapter in the Bangladeshi films. They helped to reach Bengali films in a higher position. They occupied the heart of the Bengali people by their extraordinary acting’s. Jashim, Manna and Salman Shah.

Salman Shah:

Salman Shah (

His real name was Shahriar Chowdhury Emon. He is professionally known as Salman Shah. Salman Shah was born in Sylhet On September 19, 1971. In
1993 Salman Shah started his career through a well-known film Keyamot thake Keyamot directed by Sohanur Rahnan Sohan. Salman Shah acted in a total of 27 films. His some others films were Den Mohr, Bichar Hobe, Shopner Thikana, Jibon Songshar etc. His films had an extraordinary power that attracted the people. He overcame the love of the Bengali people. He was considered one of the best actors of Bangladesh.
Salman Shah died 6 September 1996. He was found hanging in his bed room.


Manna (

Next another famous actor of Bangladesh. His real name was Aslam Talukder. He was properly known as by his stage name Manna. Manna was born in Tangail 6 December 1964. Manna acted in more than 200 films. Amma Jaan was his most successful film that made him very much popular actor of Bangladesh. Besides his famous movies were Danga, Bir Soinik, Mayer Morjada, Jibon Niye Juddho. Manna’s latter films attracted the people more than his first films. Manna acted almost in every character of the society. Manna breathed his last On February 17, 2008 following a heart attack.


Jashim (

He was another superstar of Bangladeshi films. His real name was Abul khayer Jashim Uddin. Jashim was born on August 14, 1950 in keranigonj. he was one of the freedom fighters of Bangladesh. jashim took part in the liberation war of Bangladesh in 1971. acted as both positive and negative character. He began to act as a main actor in the film Shobuj Shathi, directed by Delwar Jahan Johntu. Jashim’s other popular films were Dost Dushman, Habilder, Nag-Nagini, poribar etc. Jashim passed away at the age of 48(8 October, 1998) in Dhaka.