The benefits of physical exercise activity can be obtained in many ways and there is no need to become an athlete or gym enthusiast, nor invest large sums of money in equipment, clothes or accessories. The World Health Organization recommends that adults (18-64 years) perform at least 150 minutes a week of moderate intensity physical activity. Here we share 10 strategies to start a more active and healthy lifestyle by performing at least 30 minutes of daily exercise:

Activate yourself early

Start the day with 15 minutes of stretching and muscle strengthening exercises you can perform at homes such as sit-ups, squats, and arm push-ups. Perform this brief routine regularly to improve your strength, posture and energy level in the mornings.

Decrease sitting time during the day

Do not feel unless it is indispensable. For example, stand up every time you talk on the phone or cell phone in the office. Other activities of daily life can also be done standing: meetings, drinking coffee, reading the press, waiting for a turn at the bank, in a doctor’s office or office. Even working on the computer, eating and watching television can be done standing up if an adjustable height desk is adapted or a shaker table is installed. Be creative!

Replace the car, taxi, bus and minivan by your legs

Walking and cycling are increasing signs of development
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Walking and cycling are increasing signs of development and indicators of population health promotion in the countries. The use of these means of transport allows you to enjoy daily and pleasant exercise while helping to reduce traffic stress, take care of your pocket, maintain a healthy weight, improve the mobility of the city and take care of the planet by decreasing carbon emissions.

Exercise at your workplace

Change the office routine and improve productivity at work by making the meetings by walking in the sector or in the nearest park. Take the stairs instead of the elevator, take active breaks and make use of the sports facilities or agreements with sports centers that your company offers. You can be an engine of change in your work environment by promoting exercise to your colleagues and managers. You can even intercede with the administration for structural modifications that promote exercise, for example, decorate the stairs or adapt a room with mats, cufflinks and elastic bands.

Walking, walking and walking

Identify moments of your day where you can include a few extra steps. For example, if transported by car, park away from the entrance. If you are transported by bus, get off a few blocks before your destination and walk. Gather with your friends in a park and have coffee walking. Walk to the supermarket and load your purchases back home. Make your day a little more physically demanding by walking more and more.

Do you already have a dog?

dogs as a pet tend to be more physically active
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Several studies have shown that people who have dogs as a pet tend to be more physically active than people who do not have a dog at home. If you like pets and need extra motivation, maybe having a dog company is the solution for you. Walking, jogging and playing are some activities you can do with your canine friend to stay active.

Be sure to be friends with an active person

Doing physical activity is more pleasant if done in good company. Pedaling to work, walking at lunchtime, taking an active pause or taking a dance class after work are examples of activities that can be enjoyed better in pairs or in groups. Maintaining the motivation to exercise is one of the great challenges that every person faces at some point in their life. Having a friend who shakes off laziness and reminds you of your goals at those times is always a great blessing!

Take care of a garden

If you like plants and flowers, creating and maintaining a garden will help you increase and maintain your weekly physical activity levels. This practice-common among older adults will help strengthen your legs, arms, and trunk while maintaining a beautiful oasis in your home. Remember to use protection for your knees and do not perform force in the wrong position to avoid back pain in the back.

Dance like Latinos!

Dance them in the morning when you wake up
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It is said that Latinos carry the dance-the movement-in the blood. If you are Latino you have no excuse and if you are not, you can always learn. Put two or three songs that you like and dance them! Dance them in the morning when you wake up, or as an active pause at work, or in the evening at home to relax. If you dance 30 minutes a day every day, you can get all the benefits of the exercise while you enjoy the music and the music you like the most.

Use technology to be more physically active!

Historically, technological development goes hand in hand with an increasingly sedentary lifestyle. However, currently, there is a wide variety of mobile applications, web platforms and video games that facilitate access to virtual trainers, training plans of different intensities and challenges or games that involve energy expenditure. Use technology to motivate yourself to be more active, faster, more agile or stronger!

technological development goes hand in hand with an increasingly sedentary lifestyle
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Moving is an innate action for the human being and not doing it makes him sick and kills him. You do not have to be born with the super genes of Olympic athletes to benefit from the effects of regular exercise. Just choose the strategies that work for you and implement them from today for the rest of your life.